Monday, March 25, 2013

Butch Wax from beeswax! (Or, dump the greezy kid-stuff)

Thing One and Thing Two have decided that flat-top haircuts are IT. I still had some stuff laying around, from my spikier days- styling putty and other gooky stuff. However, they contained some things that I'd just as soon NOT let my kids put on their hair. Or worse, their skin. In search of a solution, I hit the internet, and found this post by Eco Yogini . I've just gotten a pound of fresh, lovely beeswax from Vonk Organic (purveyors of fine organic honey and organic beeswax, right in my very own neighborhood), so I figgered, hey, let's use up some of the little blocks of it that I've still got laying around! And so we made it. And it is fabulous. All-day hold, soft to the touch, but absolutely unrelenting- it's got real staying power!
 Here's how I did it:

Grab some beeswax (you'll need a little over 1/2 oz. for a single batch, or about 1.2 oz. for a double, which is what we did...I finally gave up trying to weigh it, and just grated 1 1/3 bars), some coconut oil, and some essential oil.

If you're feeling masochistic, grate the wax, for easier melting. (I've since learned that you can just as easily freeze it, and whack it with a hammer. Or buy it in pellets- but the convenient little pellets are often imported from China. I really prefer the local wax, so out comes the hammer! As a family, we really like whacking stuff with hammers.) Even Thing One lost his appetite for grating during this one!

Cobble together an approximation of a double boiler. (Don't microwave it- the flash point for beeswax is relatively low- you do NOT want a ball of flame in your microwave!)

Melt down your beeswax, and about 4-5 teaspoons of coconut oil. We did a double batch, so we used 8 heaping teaspoons. It looked pretty glunky at first.

But eventually, it smoothed out. Once it's smooth, fully clear, and liquid, add some essential oil to it, for a nice scent. Thing One opted for peppermint essential oil. We added around 10 or 15 drops- it really smells amazing, between the honey and fresh mint scents! Now, pour it in a small jar...

(Yes, that's a Gerber jar, circa Thing One's first year. No, I do NOT ever throw anything away. Especially jars. I might need them someday!)

This stuff is amazingly simple to use. Scrape a bit out, with a fingernail, and rub it around on your fingers to warm it up. The thing to remember with this is that it doesn't act like the gels and putties- it gets its hold from cooling, NOT drying out- so basically, if you're not entirely satisfied with the positioning, no prob- get that hair warm with your fingers again, and restyle.

Gratuitous head shots:

See? Good enough for church on Sunday, too!

Dunc's still getting the hang of the stuff- the first two attempts were a little heavy-handed...but he likes it better than the chem-laden yuck that we started out with, and it does hold up all day long, even standing up to heavy-duty outdoor playtime, and sweat. (I live in dread of the Teen Years with these two, I tellya!) It also smells WONDERFUL, even without the essential oils. If you have a loved one who uses hair product to get some height, this is a worthwhile, FAST, and easy fix. And look how happy!

Much thanks, again, to Eco Yogini- see her post and thank her, too!
Sharing this goodie on the Craft-O-Maniac Monday link party! Make sure and check it out- it's the highlight of my Mondays!


  1. Hi Heather, can this be used daily or does it tend to cause buildup? Also does this wash out easily with water? or does it require shampoo?

    1. You definitely want to use shampoo, either homemade (I'm fond of a combo of coconut milk, and liquid Dr. Bronner's castile soap), or regular ol' store-bought. It won't come out with just water. But we've never seen a buildup occur- Thing One's fond of showering, so no problems! :)

  2. Is this wax easy to washout?

    1. Yes, surprisingly, it is! We've been able to wash it out easily with both regular (commercial) shampoo, and with the Dr. Bronner's/coconut milk homemade stuff. :)


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