Sunday, March 31, 2013


Preparations were suitably joyful, yesterday:

See that blue one on the far right, at the bottom? We have NO IDEA how that happened. None.
Pretty, though, huh?
Today was the big day, and the Easter Bunny didn't disappoint! (Neither did the weather- this is only the second Easter ever in the kids' lives that the eggs were hidden outside!)

Yes, the patio needs cleaned. Badly.

There were eggs all over the place.

The hunt was a wild success!

Protein was needed to anchor all that sugar...

And then it was off to the neighbor's house, to take care of the chores while they're away. They keep chickens. They also gift us with eggs. Lots and LOTS of eggs! They have the happiest chickens on the planet. Check out the chicken digs!

They were glad to see us. (OK, not really. They just wanted OUT.)

Chickens are funny critters. And they are ruled by their stomachs. As soon as they heard the grain hitting the pan, they were right back.

After our "barnyard tour", Thing One and Thing Two still had a major case of the wiggles, and Big Daddy needed a nap- so off we went on a bike ride-

The kids attend a school within our neighborhood, so we jetted down to the playground, to hang around.

(Yeah, I know. That was bad.)

It was a great morning!

We also saw something cool, on the way home- I try to point out wildlife and plants in our suburban setting, when we're out and about, so that the kids will know how to look and actually see what's around them. We got lucky- sighted a nest-

And then got a surprise!

I didn't think the crows were brooding this late, but apparently they are- she swooped around a bit, checking us out, but was happily hidden in the nest again by the time we rode off.

So, that's been our day so far- I'm going to whomp up a batch of stew for the crockpot for tomorrow, and putter around until it's time to go to Grandma's for Easter dinner. *Sigh* But you know, this is what I'druther...fresh air, with the boys.

(And no makeup or fussy stuff, LOL!)

Tomorrow, I'll share my recipe for crockpot stew. Today, I think I'll just let the breeze blow through the house, and relax. At least, until it's time to do dinner, and then coop the chickens up again!

Happy Easter, everybody!


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