Friday, March 8, 2013

Gorgeous fabric, and an upcoming project

I've had my eye on some lovely goodies at for nearly a month....

...Feathers & Fancy Double Border Peacock in Plum...

...Feathers & Fancy Fanfare, also in Plum...

...And Feathers & Fancy Sconce Stripe, in...yep, Plum!

Photos credit to

Recently, I've begun work on a few sewing projects, including a refashion of a kameez I'd had in the closet for a couple of years (you can see the full project here at, as it was refashioned B.B., "Before Blog"), which led me to begin envisioning an entire spring and summer wardrobe consisting mainly of Eastern-style tunics.
These would be based on salwar kameez suits (see what they are here), but without the length in the kameez (which, technically, is really a sort of dress), and sans salwars (the trousers worn underneath- think anything from Hammer Pants to leggings, depending on style). I've always loved the look of these outfits, but with so much fabric involved, it's kind of like trying to live life swathed in sheets! I dare you to attempt toddler-herding in a cotton salwar suit- it's a workout! One of my favorite characteristics of these suits, though, is the details.

On the prettier kameez tops, you'll find appliques, edgings made from patterned cloth, sewn-on mirrors, name it! And often, on the vintage ones, you'll find that they're hand-sewn. A lot of labor goes into these!

So, back to the new fabric which I was coveting...

 This would make a wonderful fabric for the main body of the tunic....

This looks like appliques in the making!

And this is DEFINITELY the edging and trim!

They just went on sale. For $4.95 a yard. And...

...I just found out something that absolutely rocked my world. sells on And the sale prices for their stuff holds true there. And right now, their free shipping for any order $35 or over does, too. A dangerous combination, for me.

I do surveys in my spare time, and the ones that I work with pay you for your time, with options ranging from gift cards to merchandise- and gift codes. I earn and hoard Amazon bucks, for birthdays, holidays, and rainy days- it's a great way to have non-easily spendable "cash" for special gifts, and unlike pocket change or cash, it doesn't evaporate magically. (Well, it didn't. It sorta has a better chance of doing so, now. *Whistles to self with a slightly guilty air*) You've probably guessed by now that the fabric will be here sometime in the next week. Gonna have to really watch it- I have a lot of fabric already, and I'm not sure how much more I can justify buying. Not even to myself. The first step is admitting that you have a problem, they say....

If you love quality fabrics, I can't recommend enough. And just so you know, this is NOT a paid endorsement- I just really, really love their service!

  • Drafting a tunic pattern (or altering an existing one, not sure which just yet)
  • Creating appliques for your tunic
  • Creating and using trim, from patterned fabric, Eastern-style
Stay tuned!

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