Monday, March 11, 2013

The highlight of my Mondays is....

The Craft-O-Maniac Monday link party!

I work at a "real" job, Monday through Friday, and sometimes it's hard to get motivated. Reeeaaaally hard. But I know that the link party will be waiting for me. And there will be inspiration, lots of it, for future weekend projects.

And it is good.

Go here now, and get inspired! There's usually a couple-few HUNDRED contributions, by talented folks from all over the web- you're bound to find something to love!

Speaking of love, this song's been on my mind lately.

Happy Monday, everybody!

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  1. Now Ive got that song in my head. Oh's a good song. ;) SO excited about your blog, Miss Heather! I'm looking forward to mind-melding with you. :P


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