Friday, March 15, 2013

The Swedish have the right of it!

I hate bra shopping. Like, really, really hate it. Most of the women that I know hate it, too. I have pretty good self-esteem most of the time, but bra shopping and the dreaded swimsuit shopping (UGH!) both bring me low...usually starting from about the time that I realize I'm going to have to shop for them, right through the experience itself, to possibly a day or two after the fact. Seriously, I find it that depressing. Maybe that will change...American retailers should take note, some of us would be a LOT happier if they made some alterations to their mannequins!

I saw this article today: , and it made me really, really happy! I, for one, would feel- less alone? Less not-pretty? (Less like I'm in hostile territory...?) I think that I'd feel much more comfortable, shopping in an environment where the "models" are built like real women.

Who's with me on this?

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  1. Im in no way the "model" shape. As I've told you before, I don't even have a waistline but go straight up from my hips to my shoulders. It's hard to shop, especially for jeans. If I find the right size waist, the hips and especially the thighs are way too big. If I find the right hips and thigh fit, the waistline doesnt work for me. HOWEVER, I am who I am and I refuse to buy into whats considered perfect or appealing when it comes to body size. I manage to get buy with the measurements Ive got and thats all that matters to me.


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