Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Week Two without smoking!

Today marks the 14th day since I quit smoking. I would've loved to have shared with you guys what I'm using, that's keeping me from going bonkers (as I've done in the past, while attempting to quit!), but am still waiting for word from a certain local business whose product has made this possible. I can say this- riding a bicycle to work and back, twice a day, is a whole lot easier when you've quit! (I'm on Day Three of bike commuting for this year- yay, Spring!) This has been the most successful attempt at quitting so far, and there have been many of 'em, in my life. While I'm not comfortable with posting the information on here publicly (as I'm unsure what the legal implications are, without their express permission), if anyone out there is struggling with quitting, feel free to contact me if you'd like the information. I don't know a single smoker who doesn't want to quit! And just so you know, I am not receiving any financial or other compensation for recommending the product in question- I'd just like to see other people be able to walk away from smoking, too. It's a helluva good feeling!

Have a great day!

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