Thursday, March 28, 2013

Whee! First Quarter Featured Project in Restructured on Craftster!

I'm so hyped! My kameez refashion was chosen as a first quarter of 2013 Featured Project on Craftster's Reconstructed Clothing Board! I'm so proud, not least because I'm in such GREAT company- check out the other chosen projects and artists- they're AMAZING. It's humbling.

Here's the project:

If you're not familiar with Craftster, you're missing out- some of the best things, and the most talented crafters and artists that I've ever seen, are on there. It's fantastic, and it's FREE. They're a dot-org, not a dot-com. Members create, share, help each other, do's a lot of fun, and a constant source of inspiration. The people of Craftster are just...wonderful. No other word for it. Some of them run fantastic blogs, too, but they often share there- when a new idea takes the crafting world by storm, chances are good that you'll see it there first. There's a reason that their button's on the sidebar, there- Craftster means a lot to me. So this is a huge honor! Thanks, MissingWillow and crew- you've made my week!


  1. This is super cute, and I will definitely check out craftster, and you should check out for your sewing projects.

    1. Thank you! And thanks for referring me to they're brand-new to me- looks cool! :)


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