Sunday, April 14, 2013

A tip for making a muslin- the cheap n' easy way!

So around Wednesday, I suddenly became obsessed with making a simple sunhat. I drafted a pattern (two, if you count the cloche variation that I came up with), but wasn't sure that they would work out. This took me two evenings, Wednesday and Thursday, about 5 1/2 hours- I've never done it before. And even though I have a huge stash, I didn't want to commit any of it to the project, unless I absitively posolutely  knew that it would come out perfect. (Yes, I'm silly that way! I'm also a cheapskate. Whaddyagonnado?) What to do, what to do....I needed something flexible, something fast, something easy, something cheap....

And then it came to me, the perfect "muslin" for a small project like this:

Was THIS...

Here's an inside view- I just stapled the seam allowances, and badda-boom, badda-bing! Hat-like object!

So now you know my secret. I won't treat you to a picture of me actually wearing my goofy paper hat, but I can tell you this- I know that it will fit exactly the way that I wanted it to! The paper towels have about the same amount of body or hand as a double-layer of either linen or cotton should, and about as much give as a woven, so it's the perfect medium to practice with. And bonus- I can wipe down the counter hands-free- how cool is that? As soon as I figure out how to make a printable pattern for you guys, I'll be posting it. (Anybody have any tips...? I have no idea how to go about this! But then, I'd never drafted a hat pattern in this style before, either- nothing is impossible.) Well, that, and when I get enough time and energy to actually make one (or three) from fabric- I'm really excited about the cloche-style variation. So, cross your fingers for me- I'm about to set off on the Big PDF Journey here on the Internetz. Wish me luck!

Happy Sunday, everybody!

Coming soon to a blog near you- a REAL hat!
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  1. You are SO creative! Who'd of thought to prototype with paper towels other than you? I LOVE this idea, being a hat person myself and I've had some failures in the past. Now I know how to avoid that...thank you! <3


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