Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ask, and the Universe shall provide- seriously!

A few months ago, a really nice lady who's on my neighborhood's NextDoor (they're kinda like a mini-Facebook, specific to neighborhoods- check 'em out, they're awesome!) contacted me- she, too, is a jewelry artist, and she suggested that we meet up and talk beads n' stuff. Why not? So we did, and had a lovely time. She also brought us a ton of home-baked goodies- donuts for the boys, was wonderful! Elly's awesome. But I never, in a million years, would have thought that she would be the one to provide my husband with the key to finding his biological relatives. Here's what happened:

Elly read my earlier posts on here about Mark's adoption, and the subsequent quest for information about his biological family. This is a search that's gone on for over 10 years, now, with no useful breaks in the case, so to speak. She emailed me, asking some deeper questions, so I told her what we knew- what town it was that his bio-mom had last been known to have inhabited, and some other information. As it turned out, she had a computer business in that very town, and friends there. Friends who knew a member of the family! Today, she got in contact with Mark's half-sister, who we'll call C.  Apparently, C.'s been looking for him, too! And the Big Guy is talking to her on the phone, right now- coolest thing evahhrrrr!

Casa Rodman is over-the-top happy tonight. It's really true- if you want or need something, put it out there to the Universe- you will get what you were looking for! Thank you, Elly, so very, very much. This is awesomer than awesome!

Best wishes and sweet dreams to all a y'all- g'nite! 

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