Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Week 6! And a giveaway on!

Today makes it six weeks since I quit smoking- YAY ME! Still waiting for the company that gave me the solution to my problem to give me permission to blog about it, but that's OK. They're pretty busy. Show me a smoker, and I'll show you someone who wants desperately to be an EX-smoker- their shop is wall-to-wall customers, every time I go in there, and there's more every day. I understand that they're about to open a few new locations soon, so perhaps at that time, they'll get around to it.

Also got an invitation to enter a giveaway today, from the wonderful folks at, for a Designs By Reenie Easy Knotter! I don't know about you-all, but I have a whole lot of pearls floating around in my stash, and I've hesitated to use 'em. Why? Because without knots to separate the pearls from each other, or from other, harder beads, they wear down. While I can make knots without assistance, I'll admit that I haven't found a fast n' dirty way to make the knots even- they, uh, end up being sort of random. This tool looks like the answer to my prayers. To enter, just go here. will send these invites directly to you, too- sign up for their Bling Buzz Newsletter for daily inspiration, advice, tutorials, and more great giveaways, right to your inbox. They'll also be sharing some of my tutorials sometime in the future- check 'em out!


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