Tuesday, May 21, 2013

It was Monday almost all danged day...


But then it got better!
I'd better start at the beginning.


I took a day off last Friday, to take care of some overdue personal business. Having a long weekend was great, but it inevitably results in a backlog of work-related stuff at the Tractor Shop. So it was a very Monday-flavored day for the Warranty Fairy yesterday. Ten crap-tons of Monday. As I non-jokingly confided to the Big Guy, it wasn't like treading water- it was like treading paperwork. And it was non-stop. Every detail had to be difficult to track down, every computer system I tried to use was crashy, and the phone was ringing off the hook...it was weirdly, extremely, crazily Monday. 
Utter madness. All. Day. Long.

So I pedalled home on the bike, relieved to be outta there. I was going to make burgers, since the shells from Sunday's post weren't quite thawed. Grabbed the burger press, a sharp knife, and the chub of lean ground beef. But- but! The chub was oddly...inflated. Like a balloon.
Very strange, thinks I. Something's Not Right.

Yeah. We all KNEW just how "not right" it was when I popped the plastic open.
 Ye gods, the stench. Ever break a rotten egg? Or even just imagined it?
Yeah. It was like that. 

So we called the store where we bought it. Yes, they'd like very much for us to bring it in, they'd love to exchange that for us, and by the way, what's the lot code on that...? Off to the store, where we discovered that all of the 85/15 burger chubs in the meat case were also strangely bloated up. The whole lot had gone off! The poor meat guy was pretty quick to start pulling them, and he was great about the whole thing. He got us a chub from a different batch lot, and thanked us profusely for our help, which was really nice. I'm pretty sure some folks were saved from a dose of food poisoning last night. However, the good-deed glow was fading fast. By now, it was almost 7 PM, blood sugars were dropping like grand pianos and anvils in a cartoon, and tempers were less than even. We had to eat something, right NOW. We did something we almost never do- resorted to fast food.

I honestly think we'd have been better off with the spoiled burger. 

But after eating, the general misery started to wear down into simple exhaustion.
And look! Two packages came in the mail today! 

Monday took a hike in a hurry. First, a package from my mom!

Know what the cast-iron item is? It's a waffle maker! 

Check this OUT!

It's got a heat-diffuser bottom, and the two plates fit together so that the hinged part makes a ball, which fits in the socket on the diffuser, so you can lift and rotate it, just like with a modern Belgian waffle maker. Only better, because it's cast iron! The only non-stick coating on this bad boy is from a century of bacon grease and pure love.

It's an ancient Griswold. 

I love me some antique cast iron!

That wasn't all, though- Mom also sent me a 12"-bladed knife, that used to belong to an old family friend. Not sure when I'm going to need a 12" carver, but it's a really good knife. And last but not least, she sent me my Grandpa Penno's Chinese cleaver. I've wanted this cleaver for, oh, a few decades. You can't get cleavers this good anymore. The heft, and the thickness of the blade, is simply amazing.

  Thing One says that we're now ready for the Zombie Apocalypse (which he's fairly certain is going to start any day now. Really.)

The day was redeemed! But that wasn't all....
There was a second box.

And it wasn't from my mom. It was from a Mr. B. (full name redacted to protect the incredibly generous!) at L'Oreal. And it was full of stuff!

I do surveys in my (almost non-existent) spare time, and one of the panels that I belong to is L'Oreal. Now, I've never actually gotten to do a product test for them, but I've belonged for about two years now, and I dutifully take the surveys, in the hopes of qualifying. (Pretty much, I suck as a consumer, so I bomb out of most surveys pretty fast.) Last year, they sent me a nice little gift for participating.
This year, they went nuts!


 Here's what-all they sent me:

  Fancy mascara, gloss, moisturizers, eyeliner, eye cream, conditioner, cleanser, even nail decals... 
Yes, that is a bunch of Lancome. I've never used anything this nice on my face before. Heck, I don't even know how to use some of it.

 (BTW, Anyone know how to apply the gel eyeliner? It's Purple Jewels, and it comes in a little pot...)
Being the thrifty sort, I got curious and priced it all out. There's about $150 worth of stuff here! I was utterly and completely stunned. I can't afford most of these items singly, much less all at once.

Mom, Mr. B., thank you. Thank you so very, very much. You have no idea.
Really. Thank you!

Think I'll survive the week now. Things seem a lot brighter, somehow. *Smiling*

Look out, zombies! I'm armed and moisturized! Wrinkle-free, conditioned, and by golly,
 I've got waffles! 


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