Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Week 11! Plus, it's my birthday!

Gettin' close to three months since I quit! Still feeling great. Quitting smoking was one of the best decisions ever. I discovered that the rose garden on Cole is starting to bloom this morning, as I rode the bike to work, by scent...not something I could've done just a month or two ago! There is just nothing bad to say about being a non-smoker. 

Today also happens to be my birthday- I'm 42 today! Some of the guys at work have joked with me about being perpetually 29...nuh-uh. Being this age is a good thing- the alternative definitely doesn't appeal. As one of my customers who's fighting cancer once said, "Every day above the dirt is a GOOD day!" I've also kind of...found myself. Started to become who I want to be. Gotten over the hill, and started to pick up steam. If this is middle-age, and middle age is considered to be such a bad thing, why does it seem to be so darned fun

And in more good news, has kindly linked up to a couple of my tutorials today, too! I'll be creating a designer profile over there really soon. I've also been working on another tutorial for you guys- it's more complex than the last ones, but very, very worth the work. There's also a surprise coming up for Friday- it's colorful! 

Hope all is well in all of your respective worlds- see ya on Friday!


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