Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Week 9- Uniting a Family! And perks for YOU!

I quit smoking nine weeks ago today...and what an eventful nine weeks this has been! So many changes, and so much joy, as mentioned in this post- my husband, who was adopted at birth, has found his birth mother, triggering a flurry of phone calls, emails, and Skype-ing with her, and with his new-found siblings. Turns out, he has three brothers and a sister- there's a lot to talk about! The Big Guy is constantly chatting up one person or another, and loving every minute of it. Sadly, however, his birth mom has terminal bone and lung cancer- we've found her just in time. Her fondest wish is to meet her long-lost son, and her grandsons, Thing One and Thing Two. Unfortunately, we can't afford a trip over to see her- since the recession, I've been the sole breadwinner for our family, and our budget is balanced...well, let's just say, delicately. For my part, I'm doubling down on my wirework and crafting...and preparing more tutorials, recipes, and fun stuff, for you.

Wait, what does that have to do with anything?  Well, for starters: remember these lovelies, from yesterday's post?

Some lucky person is going to get these, the originals, as a perk. (I'll connect them to any earring findings, your choice.) Same goes for most of the other things I'll be making, in the course of creating upcoming tutorials, until June 27th.

 They're going to be available, as limited, one-time offerings, on Uniting a Family! Also available, as standing offers: custom-made, ORIGINAL-design summer skirt-and-top outfits (in your choice of colors), created by Cheri of MyNamesCheri; plus jars of my homemade, eco-friendly vegan body creams; plus these: 

And there will be a lot more to come!

My dear friend Cheri, of MyNamesCheri Vintage Linens and So Much More! has done our family a ginormous good turn. She's been in on the hunt for The Big Guy's bio-family for some time now, and she's familiar with our financial situation. So, she took it upon herself to create an IndieGoGo page, to help us send him, or (with luck) our family, to see his birth mother before she passes away. That, in and of itself, is no small undertaking- but! BUT! She's also donating 20% of all of her sales to the cause- so every fabric or linens purchase made will help, too. (Like any of us NEED an excuse to purchase more beautiful vintage fabrics for our stashes, right? LOL) 

Cheri has a heart of pure gold. She knew I would never ask for help directly, on my own- it took some prodding. Normally, I wouldn't. But in this case, I have to. The Big Guy, and the Big Guy's birth mom, are counting on us. Please help us reach our goal- share our story on your social networks, donate if you can, or go and get yourself some gorgeous/quirky/fun fabrics at MyNamesCheri- you'll be helping a good cause. (Plus, saving yourself some $$$- her prices are more than fair!)

You can find it here: Uniting a Family.

 Thank you!


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