Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hi, guys! I haven't forgotten you!

Feelin' perky today- we had a gust front last night, and it's actually RAINING! Here in SW Idaho, it's been dry, dry, dry, and a total pollen-fest- no fun for the Things and I. You may or may not know what a gust front is- basically, here in the Treasure Valley, it's a small-scale derecho. See, the entire Boise metro area and beyond is all in one large valley. When a sudden cold front hits eastern Oregon, at the mouth of the valley, it tends to funnel the energy right to us. It can create this wide, FAST wind front that rolls in a straight line, barreling over everything in its path like a tsunami of...stuff. They're interesting to watch on the weather radar online- you can actually see the thing rolling across the valley! They sometimes create "gust-nadoes", small tornadoes that tear things up. We've lost trees to these things. (We're about out of trees, at this point!) I kind of love the chaos, although it's a mess. Because we knew it was coming, we got to watch it roll in- the sky got yellow, then DARK, then BOOM! Utter chaos for about 15 minutes! The kids were delighted, too. (They come by it honestly...when there's a thunderstorm, we're the ones standing outside, cheering it on. Right near the edge of the metal porch roof. By the really big tree, and the power lines!) Of course, when you have two states' worth of pollen, dust, and debris rolling over, it's not great for allergies, but today's more than making up for it. The air hasn't been this clean in well over a month. And today's high is going to be about 68- unheard of for this time of year! It's such a nice reprieve from the heat and dust.

Another high point: the trailer for the new Anchorman movie! In general, I dislike Will Ferrell's brand of humor, but I loved Anchorman, and the whole fam drops lines from it, constantly. (We actually have entire conversations that consist of NOTHING but lines from that movie!) I love lamp.

Also, ran across this article and video today, about artist Yolanda Dominguez's Fashion Victims in Spain. I don't buy a lot of clothing- when I do, it's usually a thrift-shop find. I make stuff when I can. But since the repeated garment factory collapses in Bangladesh, I've become even more determined to NOT buy new clothing, especially from retailers who don't care how many people die in their crappy factories. Yolanda Dominguez had models act the part of rubble-coated victims in front of clothing stores in Spain, to call peoples' attention to the problem. Very cogent, since the Rana Plaza factory complex's main boss is said to currently be hiding out in Spain!

Still working on several projects, and hopin' to have some to share soon. My most beloved medium, wire, is proving to be frustrating for some of the applications that I'm messing around with- a coupla things just aren't going the way I want 'em to. (On the other hand, the "failed" bits look to have potential for other uses, like earring and bracelet components!) Unfortunately, my "real" job continues to dominate my time. Oh, and did I mention that for the past three+ weeks my kids have been divvying up their toys and stuff? Thing One and Thing Two will be sleeping in separate bedrooms for the first time in years. Unfortunately, this means that ALL of us have been living with ALL of their toys, etc. cluttering up our living room, hallways...just about our entire living space, while they accomplish this Herculean feat. The ultimatum was issued this week- it gets DONE, or it all gets OUT. We can't continue to live this way. Especially since our new (to us) sofas are coming on Friday! We can't even WALK in that living room right now. (Unfortunately, we still haven't located the kit for separating the bunk beds...I, er, put it somewhere "safe". Ha ha. Anybody know where you can get a replacement, for metal bunkbeds? End caps and stuff? We're desperate, here.)

Hope all's well in your corners of the world, and that YOU'RE not living in utter chaos! (Well, unless you like it that way!) Good things coming your way...once the dust settles.


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