Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Check it out! Tina made the Cinchy Stick set, and it's GORGEOUS


Click to see Tina's blog- she's got an Etsy shop!

Tina B. of Purple Haze Adventures in Crafting & Whatever made the Cinchy Stick Necklace and Earrings, plus made a bracelet. I'm so jealous of those beads! Wait'll you see her other work- she's new to jewelry-making, but it's pretty obvious that she has a knack for it, as you'll see. 

Check it out:

Tina's take on Anthropoligy- click for post

Click to see Tina's post about these lovelies!

More improvements on Anthro's stuff
Click for Tina's post

Aren't these cool? 

Tina's got an Etsy shop- you can find it here. She donates 10% of her sales to charity, too- so you can feel all sparkly, and good about contributing to great causes. 

Take a moment to visit her blog, and leave a comment- it's lonely in the blogging world, when you first start out- make her feel welcome! 


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