Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Fourth! Happy Anniversary! And Stuff from the Craftroom

Happy Independence Day! Sure hope you-all are having a GREAT one! Since I'm off of work today, I thought I'd share a bit, while we wait for darkness to fall- Thing One and Thing Two are quite literally counting down to the fireworks. (What is it with guys and blowy-uppy things, anyway?)

Here's what's in store, once the sun goes down...

Why, yes, that is a boatload of tanks. Cases of 'em. 
They're left over from our wedding, 8 years ago. Today is our anniversary! One of 'em, anyway. We have three. 
(Even Lucille, the giant albino oscar in the back there, knows how crazy that is. She's OK with it, though.)

Tanks for all the memories!

But, much to the childrens' dismay, it's not dark. Yet. *Sigh*

So in the meantime, here's a partial roundup of miscellaneous stuff that's been going on behind the scenes in The Craftroom today, and in the past week or so!

 I mentioned before that I quit smoking, by vaping instead. I've never found or made a holder for it that I liked- until now. I came up with this after perusing a number of macrame books (and coping with a number of wirework versions, that FAILED miserably.)

 Behold, the (successful) Vape Stick Holder:

macrame ecig lanyard
Ecig Holder

macrame ecig holder
Macrame Lanyard
Here's one of the failures:

Fail: wirework ecig holder. 

Didn't work worth a...well, it just didn't work out. However, I got these nifty little doodads out of the process:

Nifty wirework doodads

I have ideas for these, but they're not fully formed yet. It'll come to me. They'll be plum for something elaborate, when I'm done.

While I was outside taking pictures of those, I remembered these, purchased from the Dollar $tore about a month ago:

Cheap solar lights
 Dollar $tore Solar Lights in their "charging station"

Then, I remembered the glass-lidded jars that I'd picked up at the same time, and realized that we might benefit from some safe lighting for tonight. I grabbed the lights, jars, and some of Thing One's wrecked Silly Putty (it can only contain just so much pet hair & dust & crap before it's useless for its intended use, after all!), and whipped up some solar jars.

dollar store solar jars
Solar Jars ala Casa Rodman

dollar store solar jar

These are so easy- no need for a full tutorial!
Just pull the light off of a stake, stick a wad of putty, clay, or play dough in the bottom of the jar, and stick the light in there, so it stands up. Close the lid, and stick the jar outside to get some sun. Et viola! You have a solar jar! The beauty of this method is that you can take back your jar anytime- no muss, no fuss, and the kids can have their (ick!) filthy Silly Putty back, too. (And fer pete's-sakes, wash the jar before you fill it back up with dried herbs!) And the light can go right back on its stake.

dollar store solar jar

Someday, I might even get around to putting the lights out in the yard, in designated places and stuff. And not just in a bunch, in a planter.

(It could happen. Really.)

As it was nearly 100F outside, earlier, we had the house closed up tight today. It wasn't hard to give you night shots, seeing as it was pitch black in several rooms! Looking forward to seeing how they look at night for real, though.

And here's the last item. It's a wirework dragonfly I've been tinkering with, off and on. 
Not quite sure what I'm going to do with her yet. 

I mean it, really, please feel free- that's what the comments are for! I'm at a loss, because she's such a large piece. She's also not quite as stable as I'd like. A hat brooch, maybe...?

Well, the sprinkler's running on the front yard, to prevent any flare-ups when we light off the tanks and "pooping chickens". (This, BTW, is Casa Rodman's moniker for the infamous "Hen Laying Eggs" fireworks. You don't even want to know what the males of this household call the "Cock Crowing At Dawn" version!) It's getting later- time to round up the lighters and the Things. 

Have a great, safe, FUN Fourth, guys! And special love to Cheri, Jean, Shannon, and all of the family, both heart and blood. Love you all!



  1. I LOVE the solar jars! What a cool idea. Must try this.

    1. *Giggle* Hopefully, you'll have something better to tack 'em in with- I *still* haven't picked up some wall-tack or anything, so ours are still held together with Icky Putty, LOL! But man, do they work...those dollar store lights are better (and have stronger batteries!) than much more expensive ones I've bought in the past. BTW, noticed that the Walmart had theirs at $.97 in the garden clearance yesterday- if you have a Wally World in your area, might want to check what they've got- can't beat the price! :)


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