Sunday, July 21, 2013

Solar jars done RIGHT (the-No-Cruddy-Putty Method)...simple tutorial time!

Happy Sunday! No big Sunday Dinner this week- today's a craft day, instead.
Wanna see what I've been doin'?

Remember the solar jars from the Fourth?
Finally got the solar lights out of the planter- Dollar Tree had the "good" jars in again! And I replaced the Cruddy Putty with something decent. All supplies came from the Dollar $tore, so these little guys came in under $3 apiece. How's about a (very) brief tutorial?

solar light jars

One of the problems I've had with other tutorials for solar jars is the whole gluing-the-light-to-the-lid thing- maybe other parts of the country aren't as dusty as Idaho is, but here, you need to be able to disassemble 'em once in awhile, to clean the dust out. That's where these beauties come in:

glass lidded jars
Lovely jars, from the Dollar Tree

These jars are 4 1/2" tall, and the lights (sans sticks) are 3 1/2" tall- nearly a perfect fit, inside of the jars- all you have to do is secure 'em on the bottoms, and you're in like Flynn! To whip 'em up, you'll need:

  • Glass jars with clear lids
  • Cheap solar lights
  • Poster tack
Hershey bar, upper left, optional

Grab a solar light, and pull it off from the stake- the lights aren't glued or anything, so this is easily accomplished...

solar light

Open a pack of poster tack. See how it comes in strips?

Cut the strips into thirds, with a pair of scissors. A third of a strip is enough to secure your light in the jar. 

Make a donut with your striplet, and stick it in the center of the bottom of a jar...

...stick a light in it...
solar light jars

...and close the lid. 

Now do it 11 more times, and you'll have a dozen. Unless, like me, you have a "dud" in your batch of lights. Still, 11 makes for a nice little solar farm, no?

solar jars

Set them outside in full sun, and charge 'em up. Ours stay lit all night, and beyond, on a one-day charge- Thing One reports that his will stay lit for two days or more (he forgets to "feed" his jar rather frequently). They're surprisingly bright, and look great indoors or out!

dollar store solar jars

Hope you enjoyed this simple tute- working on a few other things that might be of interest! Stay tuned....


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  1. THESE ARE AMAZING!!! And that is how excited I am about these, I have to yell it from the roof tops!

    I am going to share this on my facebook page now because the world needs to see this! Additionally I'd love if you shared this at our link up party this week!

    1. Thank you so much! And thanks for the invite- hooray, another Washingtonian! (I'm from north of Seattle, originally!)

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