Monday, August 19, 2013

Crappy crochet redeemed! And some sashiko shorts repair action

Howdy! Sorry about my absence. Between poor air quality and just plain ol' tiredness (thank you, Allergy Demons), I haven't been at my best lately, or my most creative. 
Mostly, I've just been fixing things, organizing in preparation for the coming school year (ONE WEEKTO GO!!), and cookin' and cleanin'. You know, the "fun" stuff.

However, I did accomplish a coupla things. 

For one, we went from this:

t-shirt yarn

To this!

rainbow crochet rug

I'm pretty happy with the results.

crocheted rug

So's Thing Two- he's rather posessive of it....

t-shirt yarn crochet rug

He also keeps absconding with my camera.

I've also made my first attempt at sashiko clothing repairs. 
The Big Guy loves this one pair of shorts, a lot. Of course, they wore out right along the seam, where the pocket attached. 
Machine stitching was out of the question. 
So, much like the road repair guys around here, I just went over it!

sashiko clothing repair

 The pockets are more or less permanently flipped up on the flap corners, and "broke in" that way. 
He doesn't care. 
The Big Guy likes 'em just the way they are. So that's how I fixed 'em.


And so it goes. August here in Idaho is hot, dry, dusty, and smokey. Everything feels gritty and tired. I think I speak for many of us when I say that we're about done with it. 

Lots of love to you all- wishing you good things!



  1. What a pretty, vibrant rug!! AND what good looking fellas you have there! <3

  2. Thanks, and thanks! We'll keep 'em, I think. ;)


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