Sunday, August 25, 2013

Of sunsets and swings

Boise's still smoky. I can't actually smell it anymore, but we've had a lot of grey skies and filthy air. However, the other night, something miraculous happened:

sunset in Boise

We'd sent the kids to bed, and I was just locking up the front door- glanced out the window and saw clear blue sky, sans smoke- with a whoop and a holler, the boys and I were out the front door with cameras. It's really been that long since we saw colors like these in the sky!

sunset in Boise
Boise sunset

Boise sunset

Kid you not, I just about wanted to cry. The sky's either been greyish or brownish or both for too long. A month-plus of crappy air quality will do that to you. I'd never make it in L.A. or Bejing.

So, that's the sunset that made my week. 
Now, on to the swing! 
We finally have a good place to view any more sunsets that come our way!

 A couple of years ago, a neighbor was changing out their yard furniture- I spotted the swing (sans cushions) on my way back to work, sportin' a "FREE" sign on it. Called the Big Guy and all but demanded that he jet over there toot-sweet with the truck. He got it home and parked it on the back porch. Where it sat for over a year without cushions, unused.

porch swing with sofa cushions

  So where'd these come from? Our old sofa set, that we had the trash company haul away! Today, we finally pulled the crappy, dog-chewed slipcovers off of the cushions, grabbed a couple of the pillows that came with the sofa and love seat, and viola! Comfy porch swing- totally for FREE.
freebie porch swing
Thing Two digs free stuff, too!

freebie porch swing

The bottom two cushions were from the full-sized sofa, and the back cushions were from the love seat. Because our front walk area is covered by a metal roof, it's rare for rain or snow to ever get up to the house- so there's no major worries about dampness.

That swing is far more comfortable than the sofa set ever was! Now, if we can just get a repeat of that sunset. Doesn't look like it's going to happen tonight, though...*sigh*.

Anyhoo. Don't have a Sunday Dinner post for you today, but later this week, I'll hammer out a recipe for a new crockpot soup I whipped up tonight, with a ham bone and some lentils- we had a crockpot ham tonight (find the method here!), so I went ahead and made dinner for tomorrow, too.

Hope all's well and happy in your corners of the world- g'night!



  1. Do you have any idea who manufactures this swing? We've had ours for about ten years and are refurbishing it. the canopy went by the way years ago and i'm looking for another. thanks

    1. Wish I did. My mother-in-law had a local seamstress make a new one for her swing- might be the only way to do it! I'm toying with sewing one for ours myself, but outdoor fabric is so. Freakin'. Expensive. B

      Best of luck! :)


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