Tuesday, November 12, 2013

First bazaar- a learning experience

You may have noticed, I kinda disappeared for a while there. A long while.
As promised, let's do some catching up!

So here's Saturday.

table of jewelry goods
Elly's and my table at the Center

Every spare minute I had, for the last several weeks, was dedicated to making jewelry. I worked long hours,  slept little, and cut my fingers on wire, a lot.
I made 92 items to sell- including sets of jewelry, earrings, bracelets, and bookmarks.

I was shooting for 100, as per my friend Elly's request, but the reality is, when you're working full-time, caring for a family, and all that, well, it's not always possible to meet your ideal goals.
I wasn't able to do a bunch of nice scrolled or woven wire-wrapped pieces, which I really wanted to do- but they take time. Time, I don't gots. Hardly ever. Had to go for volume, instead- but I feel good about the quality and and aesthetics of the pieces I did make. Elly made around 60 items, mostly really nice necklaces. We wound up with PLENTY.

Laden with boxes, bags, and bead totes, we headed out to the Senior Center Holiday Bazaar.

As you can tell, it was a busy place...

holiday bazaar

And that was just ONE of the rooms- there were several more, in the building, full to bustin'!

Our Lady of Perpetual Sparkle was in attendance at our table, adorned in our handmade finery:

naiad candleholder

naiad candleholder

Much to my amusement, EVERYBODY loved her. She's lived with me for years and years, with a liberal coating of dust. This is her first public appearance.
She'll be coming out to play more often, now.

Also came up with a fast n' easy display idea for earring cards- anyone care for a tutorial?
I promise, it's cheap, fast, and, well, cheap really inexpensive- think upcycling, three ways at once.
Look for the tute soon!

Here's shots of more of our table:

bazaar table
That's Elly, behind the table!
selling jewelry
Elly makes nice stuff, doesn't she?

Overall, a good time was had by all. We learned a lot- what's really necessary at one of these gigs, and what's really-really not. (We brought a bit too much "not", this go-'round.) We met new people, and we made our booth fee back. Sadly, we did better than a lot of the vendors- some folks, who had GREAT handmade stuff, didn't sell a single item, even though there were a lot of people there. Most of the sales seemed to be between vendors. But it was still a good time, and worth the time.

And I'll tell you a secret- I spent my tiny profits on a handmade hat, for the Big Guy. 
(He's no fun when he has a frozen noggin!)

So, now...what to do with all of the leftover jewelry...?
Look for an announcement, in the near future!

In the meantime- support your local artisans and crafters. They work hard. And while the booth fees at this gig were small, some bazaars and festivals charge a steep fee for spaces- when artists don't make a profit, they can't keep doing what they do. A purchase in a local market is a strike against The Dark Forces.

(The Dark Forces being, like, big box stores that force people to work on Thanksgiving. You know you don't want to support that! Bad for your karma, dude. And if Santa hears, you'll get a lump of poo in your stocking. Just so you know.)

Happy Tuesday! Catch-up continues soon!


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