Thursday, November 14, 2013


giant garment bag

Final catch-up, and then we'll go on to new stuff.

This was Sunday. We went grocery shopping.

What's THAT, you say? Why, it's a bag. A GARMENT bag- the ginormous kind. Care to guess what's in it?

Brussels sprouts! 
giant Brussels sprouts

It's Sprouts season again. My almost-favoritest time of the year.
These suckers dwarfed my extra-extra large cutting board.
And my cook-top, too.

Brussels sprouts on the stalk

The sack of 'em weighed at least as much as my firstborn, when he was four!

We spotted Brussels stalks on sale this week, 2/$5 at the Fred Meyers, and HAD TO HAVE THEM. Our happy-dance through the store, to the produce department, caused a bit of a stir, but was greeted with great joy by the fellas in Produce.

They, too, are all about the Sprout.

(You won't be sorry. Just don't blame me if you find yourself dancing in the produce section, too!)

And don't be intimidated by the huge stalks- just grab a sprout, twist and pull, and SNAP! They come right off. It's very satisfying. Like plucking out the eyeballs of your enemies, or something.

The remaining stalk can be cut up and composted, or you can let it dry, and use it for a baseball bat, or a fencepost. It's totally up to you. (Our sweet old dog, Colorado, loved these for fetching/chew sticks, too.)

As a side note, although these are pretty huge, they store well. The second stalk is currently residing in our garage, with the potatoes. They keep best in a temperature range of around 30-50, so a refrigerator is not a "must", this time of the year- just keep 'em on the stalk until ready to use or soak. The stalk helps to keep them fresh, and they'll hold up to 3 weeks. (Although that won't be the case at our house. They'll be long gone before long!)

So, that was Sunday. As promised, I'll be getting more new stuff up here PDQ- the weekend's in my sights!

Happy Thursday, everybody! 



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