Monday, November 11, 2013

Veteran's Day Color Guard: Thing One

We'd like to thank our veterans for their service, today, tomorrow, and yesterday. 
To the veterans in my family....we miss you.

Boy Scouting
Thing One, nervous but ready
Thing One

I promised, in my last post, that I'd try to catch you up with what-all Casa Rodman's been up to. Being somewhat beat, we'll just get caught up with Friday, when Thing One was part of the Color Guard for his school's Veteran's Day program. (We'll get to the rest later, I promise!)

Thing One

Thing One carried out his duties with aplomb, including the delivering of gifts for the veterans present at the assembly- and there were many. All branches of the military were represented- there were veterans of WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and both Gulf Wars (plus current conflicts) in attendance, men and women both. The kids gave speeches, and performed songs. It was pretty amazing, and very moving. It was touching, and very reverent. 

(And I cannot get over how Thing One, with zero prompting from ANYONE, made a point of shaking hands with the people that he delivered to, thanking them for their service. We have no idea where he gets these manners and stuff from- they're rarely exercised at home!)

So tell me- what kinds of services / assemblies / recognition ceremonies did you guys have in your hometowns? Was Veteran's Day recognized the "right way" in your home town? Tell me about it, in the comments!


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