Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What I've been up to...

Well, hi there! Been awhile, yeah?

I realize that I've been missing in action for awhile. Sorry about that. Life, y'know?
It's been worthwhile, though.

I've been doing this:

wirework earrings

And this:

handmade silver bracelet

And some of these...

wirework bracelets

And piles of these and these and these.

handmade earrings
silver and red bracelet
faerie cupcake earrings
swingy earringshandmade earrings

sparkly earrings

Some Boise State Broncos bracelets made it into the mix....

wire bracelets
Boise State Bracelets!

And I even made these.

wire bracelets
U of I. Why? Because.

(Since we don't ever play them anymore, I figured it would be OK to cater to Idaho fans, too.)

A few weeks ago, my friend Elly, she of the miraculous ability to locate long-lost siblings (you can read about that here!), invited me to join her in making jewelry for a holiday sale at the Boise Senior Center. I haven't done any selling in a looong time, so I thought I'd give it a go. Little did I know that getting stuff MADE was going to be such a challenge. Every spare minute's pretty much gone to makin' stuff, for over a month now.
If I do this again, I'll start working on things MONTHS ahead of time, not weeks!

92 pieces later...I think I'm ready.

It's all very sparkly, fun, or sparkly and fun. But boy, am I tired.
I never realized how much stuff I CAN do, under pressure. 
Even with, well, everything else it takes to keep Casa Rodman rollin'.
It's been a learning experience.

I have new calluses on my hands, and the Craftroom looks more like the Crap-ftroom, if you know what I mean. I revisited the reasons why I call stainless wire "the rabid tiger of the wire world", more than twice.
Lots of new scars, but then, are a wireworker's hands ever pretty? (In a word: NO.)
Still, very much worth it. 

Finally had the chance to take pics tonight, but much to my dismay, these here on the blog are just about the only decent trash folder runneth over. Without natural sunlight (which I shan't see before I try to sell all of these lovelies), my photos just don't work well. Sadly, some of the best pieces are just going to have to go un-recorded, until I can see the light of day. Which is going to be awhile.

Disappointing, but meh, whattayagonnado? 

I have lots of good things on the way, but not much time, so I'll wrap this up. If you're in the Boise area, and feel like doing a little holiday shopping, stop by the Boise Senior Center this coming Saturday, November 9th, at 690 N. Robbins Road- there'll be all kinds of stuff to discover!

(And if you're not in the area, well...cross your fingers. Hopefully, they've got better lighting than I do, and there'll be some decent pictures to share! Elly's stuff is gorgeous, too. You'll wanna see it.)

Love to all of you- miss you, friends! 


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