Monday, January 6, 2014

What a nice way to start the New Year- thanks, AllFreeJewelryMaking!

bracelets for the working woman
Remember these? If not, click on the pic for the tutorial! 

So far, 2014 has been busy, busy, busy. This is good, but... I feel like I've been neglecting y'all. There have been some solid reasons. The holidays were one adventure after another.  The gas wall oven died. That was followed by the discovery that the main light fixture in the kitchen was shorting out, due to faulty wiring. (It appears to be linked to another wiring issue, in the dining room. Not good.) Then the deep freeze stopped working. Then some other stuff broke down, too, literally one thing right after another. Can we afford to fix any of it? NOPE. So we improvised and made do, and the holidays were still great. And somehow, even without the Big Guy's famous cookies, we still managed to gain the usual Festive Holiday Padding. Meaning, we had to dig out the Big Pants from storage to accomodate our newfound girth. (I think the Big Guy finds it more disheartening than I do- after all, bicycle weather will eventually come, and the padding will melt off- but still...)

All of that aside, I got a nice surprise today from my Stacking Sparklies made the Top 100 list for 2013! So today, there's a new button (over on the right), and a smile on my face. Thank you, guys, for reading this silly little blog, and for making this happen. It means a lot. 

There's going to be new stuff coming soon, as my one and only New Year's resolution for 2014 is to learn five new skills. I've begun acquiring what I need for the first one- look for it in the coming weeks. (I rarely make ANY resolutions, but figgered this was one that I could handle. After all, I made the transition to 0 mg. niquid just as the holiday season began- my addiction to nicotine is successfully broken!)

Did you make any resolutions this year? Tell me about 'em in the comments. 
(And if you've already broken one or two, don't sweat it. Be kind to yourself, and accept this virtual hug from me to you. You are not alone.)



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