Monday, April 6, 2015

New PJ's! And it only took me 3 years....

Hi, all! 

Have you ever bought fabric, just *sure* you could make something fabulous, 
and then chickened out because it was just too fabulous for, well, real life? 
Yeah, me too. 

I bought a bunch of Benartex Feathers and Fancy border print, peacock print, and the other coordinating prints, just SURE that I would be able to make a cool summer outfit for work...and then I remembered: 

Oh, right. I work in a tractor shop.

Grease, mud, dust, and the ever-popular "almost-dirt" (well, it's not quite compost, exactly...) all conspired to make that a Bad Idea. And besides, who wears a salwar kameez suit to a tractor shop, in Idaho? (Because that's what I really, really wanted to make!) 

No one. Not in Idaho, anyway.

Especially in bright, vivid colors. 

I froze up for a couple of years, and had been mulling this over ever since. 
Finally, it came to me.

PJ's! What better way to enjoy such a bold, lovely print?

Feathers and Fancy PJ's
The googly-eyed print is actually lovely little peacock feathers! :)

Feathers and Fancy PJ's
Simplicity 1620, view B
Feathers and Fancy PJ's
Butterick B5048, view E

I used Simplicity 1620 for the top, and Butterick B5048 for the flared pants. 

Rather than follow the directions to a T, I bound every seam. I have this...obsession, with every seam being secured. 

(But you know, there's a lot of love about that obsession. Bound seams don't fray! That's what I tell myself, anyway! *Wink*)

This was my first project with all-French seams. It was easier, and better, than I expected. I may never sew a "regular" seam again!

French bound seams
French seams throughout- Oui!
Bias bound edges are my favorite. :)

And then, when I was done, I ate a ton of jelly beans and chocolate eggs and ham.

And then more chocolate eggs. 
Just because I could. :)

So, what did you guys do for Easter weekend? 
Hope you all had a wonderful time- let me know in the comments! 


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  1. A tractor shop in Idaho, just made me laugh way to much. Thanks.


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